What to avoid when using the disposal…

The ability to get rid of the smallest bits of food that fall through the drain is many times a luxury most people take for granted. As small food particles pile up, it can rote and the selling point of the garbage disposal is lost. Most people tend to simply let things down the drain to prevent it from rotting in the trash. If you are not careful, not only could the odor leak, but it could also damage your system. Here you will find simple tips on how to prolong your disposal’s life.


Don’t Grind

  •  Large bones
  • Any peels that belong to starchy foods (Potato peels, Banana peels)
  • Coffee grounds or Egg shells
  • Fat or Grease
  • Fibrous Vegetables (Asparagus, Celery)
  • Any absorbent food (Pasta, Rice)
  • What you can do to help
  • Grind small bones
  • Grind up some ice to keep the blades sharp
  • Grind up orange or lemon peels to give it a better smell
  • Dispose of biodegradable food to help with clogging
  • Grind citrus peels to help deodorize the disposal machine
  • Pour ½ a cup of baking soda then a cup of vinegar to clean it (Recommended to do it once a month)
  • Actually use your disposal machine, if it is left dormant it is more likely to get clogged, corrosion, and odor
  • When using it, do not run hot water. It will melt the fat which will then lead to clogging.


With these simple tips, your disposal machine will be in top shape, keeping your sink nice and pretty while saving you money. If a problem ever becomes too great, do not hesitate to call us to help solve any and all problems.

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